He smashed them! Vitor Belfort wants to fight Logan and Jake Paul on the same night

Vitor Belfort.

Vitor Belfort, former champion of UFC and renowned fighter, he left a message for boxing youtubers. Without a doubt, Logan paul Y Jake paul They are earning criticism from many fighters, considering the years they have spent in contact sports. Seeing the millions they are making from their shows, many have been upset. For this reason, the Brazilian wants to fight with them.

Starting, Belfort He said, “It’s very exciting. I’m so excited, especially doing the crossover, literally seeing who has the better hands if they can box together, the MMA guy or the boxer? My debut will be against a YouTuber who isn’t really picking an easy opponent like the other two brothers are. Jake paul Y Logan paul. They can’t even survive two rounds with me, these MMA athletes who represent us in boxing.

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“This is a guy literally fighting one of the fiercest guys in the industry, not picking up a fighter in Ben Askren who doesn’t know how to throw a punch. Pick a guy in Tyron Woodley who can now only land a killing blow. I have nothing against them. They are going to make money but they are not boxers. I can fight Tyron Woodley with one hand and beat him up, ”he said.

Will they give it to you?

In addition, Vitor He also recounted: “Ben Askren. That guy is a fighter, a great fighter, but my daughter can beat him up. My daughter, have you seen my daughter hit? My daughter Victoria can kick these guys out. Because they don’t know how to box. My kids have boxed since they were kids. I think they are the worst representation of MMA. With these guys you just mentioned, I can fight all of them in one night. I’ll turn them off.

“I’m telling you, if you put these two brothers with me, I will fight them both on the same night. You come, you get tired, the other brother comes in the next round, I’ll beat up these two brothers like that. How that. They know. They don’t want to. They are afraid. The Triller guys said ‘Vitor, when we mentioned your name, they were moved, oh no, not him!’ and they are choosing these guys, the fighters, “he closed Vitor Velfort.

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