Jorge Lorenzo made a tremendous comparison with his father: “A kind of Hitler”

Jorge Lorenzo

In the last hours, Jorge Lorenzo was the protagonist of an interview that sounded in various media in the world of motoring. The Spaniard talked about everything: history, family and even his current life off the slopes of MotoGP. With five world titles in his possession, Lorenzo made the decision to retire in 2019. Now, away from the competition, he reviews his childhood, which was hard with his father, who was’A kind of hitler‘.

The relationship between Lorenzo and his father, ‘Chicho’ Lorenzo, it was not the best. In Jorge’s victorious beginnings, his father was by his side on several occasions. However, when the pilot of Yamaha made the decision to take other business and personal paths, he distanced himself almost completely from his father. The relationship was always quite tense, and distant.

Jorge Lorenzo and his life off the slopes: «I am happier»

In an interview with a Spanish channel, the former pilot stressed that he had a very hard job with his father, demanding it the most every day. This caused that the image that Lorenzo has about his father was something bad. “My father brought me into this world because it was his passion. He built me ​​a motorcycle when I was three years old. At that age it was my first career ”, began his story.

However, Lorenzo went further and hit hard, although he does not see his actions wrong. “My father was like a sergeant. He was like a kind of Hitler, a Chinese or Russian sports gymnastics coach, ”added the five-time World Champion, who currently comments on the races of the MotoGP season on his YouTube channel: “99 Seconds”

“He taught me many sports values ​​that made me get to where I am. Like discipline, nothing happens by luck, but by work. I had this in my veins because my father tells me that when he went down the street and saw a motorcycle dealership window, he would go to look at the motorcycle. He beat the older boys, ”Lorenzo recalled.

Source: Jorge Lorenzo official Twitter

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