Promises a bloodbath: Matt Brown ready for UFC Vegas 29 this Saturday

Matt Brown.

A few hours ago, Matt brown made it clear that he wants to be the star of the UFC Vegas 29. This Saturday night, the fighter extraordinary will have a tough battle at the Nevada Apex. Therefore, in a dialogue with MMA Junkie, the aforementioned began to warm up the preview, leaving a message for Dhiego Lima, his rival. Without a doubt, this could be one of the most interesting matches of the evening.

At the beginning, Brown He said, ‘It never goes out of style; That’s why I keep doing it, man. I still have my nerves. I still have butterflies. Still, you know, just excited, man, and yeah, this is the biggest feeling in the world. People forget, like they could still die there. This is not a game. This is life or death out there. Know UFCWe were lucky and I don’t think anyone has ever died, but it happens, you know?

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“I mean, this is a brutal, brutal sport, and I mean, I’ve had some brutal fighting injuries, so you know, that’s scary, man. But even more than all that, you know, you have the potential to be humiliated; that’s what is scary. I’d rather have my face or leg broken or whatever than be humiliated, and that’s the real fear, so I enjoy it, man. As well ”, he asserted.


In that sense, Matt He added, ‘I’m scared again. I like. Dhiego He’s a very, very, very good fighter, and once he agrees, you know, he’s really going to wake up some people. I have to stop that, and yeah, it’s a great fight. We will be friendly and everything before and after, but for 15 minutes it will be a bloodbath. I would like to implement the skills that I have and that I have not shown.

“Right now, I’m focused on this fight, working on it. After that, I would like to get that record. I’m pretty close to that. You know, I work on these skills all the time in the gym, and then I go out and fight and I don’t do any of that. I am a martial artist, and that is what I want to do, is to practice something and then go do it and show that it works and test it against other people, “he said. Matt brown.

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