Spectacular! Marlon Vera and Davey Grant light the flame for UFC Vegas 29

Marlon Vera.

This weekend, Marlon vera Y Davey grant They promise a real war in the Octagon. Two very good fighters who already saw each other in February 2018 will clash with each other again, with the idea of ​​climbing positions. One of the two will come out as the victor, while the other must redeem himself to fulfill the objective. In Nevada’s Apex, this UFC Vegas 29 will have action and good.

In that sense, Vera He highlighted: “A couple of months after the fight, I would wake up in the middle of the night upset. The only thing to calm that was going for a run at 4 am, really. But at the end of the day, you just have to go back to the gym and work with the trainers on what was wrong, what could be better, and move on. If you are attached to the past, you are still in the past.

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‘Of course, it has evolved. There’s a reason he’s winning, but he hasn’t fought me since our first fight. Then he will fight with me now and I’m going to kick his ass, “said” Chito “, who is ready to wage a new war in the most important cage in the world. He understands the complications of this contest, but he trusts his hands.

There is trust on both sides

Starting with your words, Grant he acknowledged: ‘I was over the moon. Marlon has had a great streak. It’s ranked in the top 15 in the world, and that’s where I want to be. So I just want to keep trying to get these opponents ranked. This is the plan”. Without a doubt, he will look for the completion that will take him to a better position in the qualifier.

Hopefully I will get the win and make my way into the top 15. And then more », he also added to his sayings, making it clear that he is not only thinking about this weekend. Analyzing what is coming for him, his first goal is this Saturday at the UFC Vegas 29, but it would only be a start and then explode among the best in the division. It will not be easy, nor impossible.

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