The MotoGP project that can revolutionize the category: «It would be nice»

Valentino Rossi.

In recent days, several projects approached the world of MotoGP to seek new horizons. One of them was the possibility that the Motorcycle World Championship start racing on some city circuits. However, many pilots were reluctant to take the chance. Despite this, Marc Márquez He assured that he does not look down on the possibility of running on these tracks: “It would be nice

The eight-time Motorcycling World Champion made it clear that he wants to try some street circuit. However, the Spaniard talks about the changes in safety that would have to be made to be able to give himself the possibility, since there are other times in the motor world. Few are the categories that can run on these tracks, such as the Isle of Man TT or in the Macau GP, in smaller categories.

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“The open road circuits proposed today seem unthinkable due to the state of the asphalt and the lack of loopholes in the curves, that is, safety,” said Márquez, as confirmed by the Spanish medium “The truth is that the pilots who raced on the open track in the past had great merit because they ran in conditions much less safe than today,” he added.

Marquez approves

However, the pilot of Repsol Honda He assured that he would not dislike the possibility of having a race on a circuit of these conditions. “If at present the safety of a street circuit could be guaranteed, with good escapes in the event of a fall or when braking, all would be to consider it. Why not do it? I hope one day we can run between buildings because it would be nice, but it should be very well prepared, “he said.

Finally, Márquez spoke about the circuits with which he feels most comfortable and made mention of the Sachsenring, where he will race this Sunday. “There are riders who prefer long circuits because they are more entertaining, they have more corners and there are fewer laps, but I have always liked short circuits better. They have their technique and require a higher level of concentration, “he said.

Source: Official Twitter Marc Márquez

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