“We hit a bit together and other little things”: Chávez talks about his friendship with Macho Camacho

JC Chávez y Héctor Camacho

Julio Cesar Chavez remembered his friendship with Héctor “Macho” Camacho and assured that they were great colleagues beyond their intense rivalry on the ring.

“He knew how to heat up the fight, but he never really offended me, he never messed with my family. We were great friends ”, he commented JC at a press conference. “After we got off the ring, we hit a peg.”

Likewise, the former Mexican champion recalled his best moments with the Puerto Rican before his son’s smile “Machito” Camacho, who will face him this Saturday in an exhibition match at the Jalisco Stadium as part of the billboard that will also star his son Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in view of Anderson Silva.

“I took him to Culiacan, we met in Mexico, on Cancun“, He said. “The day he died, I cried a lot. I am sure that from heaven he will tell his son, if you hit him hard July I’m going to come to you and I’m going to fuck you, wey ”.

JC He also took time to comment on the hard time he experienced when he learned of the tragic death of the Male, who lost his life in a hospital in Puerto Rico after suffering an attack in a car a couple of days before.

“It was a sad day for me, I tried to contact the family to go to the wake, they told me it was very serious,” he said. “And suddenly, well God He took it. I accepted this exhibition in his memory, I did not accept it for money, I accepted it because I have great affection and respect for Male Camacho“.

The male He fought 88 professional fights and finished his career with a mark of 79 wins, 6 losses and 3 draws. He debuted in 1980 and had his last fight in 2010.

In his career he registered triumphs over historical fighters such as Roberto “Hands of Stone” Durán Y Sugar ray leonard, but it also fell to JC in 1992 and Oscar de la hoya in 1997.

The exhibition between Chavez Y Camachito It is agreed to only four rounds and JC plans to remove the mask in the last episode.

July will make his return to the ring with 58 years for his last exhibition, while the Machito He will arrive at the age of 42 to try to exact revenge after the defeat of his father almost three decades ago.

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