Conecta Rugby, the new program presented by the UAR

Conecta Rugby, the new program presented by the UAR

The Argentine Rugby Union presented the program Connect Rugby, a federal initiative through which it will make available a wide range of courses, which seeks to empower clubs throughout the country so that they can achieve greater autonomy. Homework will be in charge of a team of 10 coordinators, who will train 66 tutors, and these in turn will do the same with the sports secretaries of each club.

To carry it out, the largest collaborative training network in Argentine sports was created, which generates an exchange of constant learning, where each of the participating clubs will be able to share their concerns and learn from the experiences of their colleagues, through forums especially designed for that purpose.

The program was thought and designed from an integral perspective, since the offer of courses and training covers all the links of the sport: players, coaches, doctors, physical trainers, referees, leaders and families of rugby. In this sense, it is a program designed on demand. Depending on its training needs, each club may choose to take those courses it deems most appropriate to meet that demand.

The objectives of this program are closely related to those of Rugby 2030. Both initiatives seek to promote the values ​​that gave rise to our sport, through a collaborative space and permanent exchange.

In this regard, the President of the Institution, Marcelo Rodriguez, He stated: “Committed to the development of grassroots rugby, the UAR will be at the disposal of the Unions and the clubs, providing them with knowledge, tools and the necessary support to continue their progress. A lot of work was done in monitoring the design and implementation of the program, “he said.

For its part, Francisco Rubio, Union Rugby Manager, He noted: “The UAR wanted to be in contact with the clubs, and we found through this platform understanding the needs of each one of them. We generate a collaborative network where more than 500 clubs participate so that we can continue to grow ”, he said.

Finally, who also left his point of view, was the former player of Los Pumas and CUAR Training Coordinator, Martín Gaitán: “Conecta Rugby is a program that is designed to try to improve and help our grassroots rugby. It is aimed at all the people who are involved in the game. The idea is to give them tools so that they can do better what they do. By sharing information, we can transform it into knowledge. ”, He concluded.

It should be noted that one of the fundamental pillars of Conecta Rugby is the feedback that the clubs will have, to correct possible deviations and make the most of the available tools. Feedback will thus become a central component of all training activities.

With this initiative, the UAR seeks to value and provide skills to all those who work in the training of the players who tomorrow will integrate the first teams of their cities and nurture the national representatives.

Source: UAR Press

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