Five games to remember between Argentina and Uruguay

Five games to remember between Argentina and Uruguay

The rivalry between Argentina and Uruguay is historical in soccer. So much so that the classic from the River Plate that faces these two teams is one of the oldest and most disputed in world football. Here is a review of five of the most memorable games between both teams.

The 1930 World Cup was marked in the history of football: it was the first to be held and played in Uruguay. The mythical Centenario Stadium was fortunate to be the scene of the first World Cup final, where the protagonists were Uruguay and Argentina. The rivalry had been growing, since two years earlier, in 1928, the two teams had faced each other for the final of the Olympic Games in Amsterdam, with a 2-1 victory for the Uruguayans.

But the rematch was not going to happen for the Argentines. Uruguay would prevail again, in this case 4 to 2, and would become the first World Cup champion. For some, what was experienced in those days, on and off the field, was a true climate of war. Argentina had gone to the dressing room winning 2 to 1 (goals from Peucelle and Stábile, Dorado scored for Uruguay), but in addition, with so many from Cea Urriza, Santos Iriarte and Castro, Celeste turned it around and celebrated in a big way.

It took 56 years for Argentines and Uruguayans to meet again on the field for a World Cup. Mexico 1986 had them face to face again, with Diego Armando Maradona on one side and Enzo Francescoli on the other. The Argentine National Team was a favorite and was going through a great moment under the guidance of an extraordinary Maradona: he prevailed 1-0 in that round of 16 clash, with a goal from Pedro Pablo Pasculli.

Maradona had a goal disallowed that could be valid, and the albiceleste led by Carlos Salvador Bilardo ended up suffering until the last second against a tough rival to get into the quarterfinals. After that match, Argentina’s clash against England would arrive, where Diego would appear in all his dimensions and would convert the best goal in the history of the World Cups.

The Qualifiers heading to South Africa 2010 had an unmissable heads up on the last date, where the two teams arrived in need. Argentina led by Diego Armando Maradona had 25 points, against 24 for Uruguay, with Maestro Tabárez on the bench. The Albiceleste reached the tie to achieve the direct passage, while the Charruas only served to win. In a rather dull and boring match, with a lot of nervousness, Argentina won 1-0 with six minutes from time with a goal from Mario Bolatti.

The victory unleashed the euphoria of a Maradona that had been highly questioned. On the court, the emotional hug that was given to Carlos Salvador Bilardo, who at that time was the AFA team coordinator, is remembered. Then, at the press conference, he left as always, true to his style, some phrases that remained marked in the memory, such as “suck it, keep sucking it. To those who treated me as they treated me, keep on sucking ”, referring to those who had not believed in their Selection, or“ you also have it inside ”, answering a question from journalist Toti Pasman.

Uruguay, meanwhile, would play the repechage against Costa Rica and then reach South Africa 2010.

The 2011 Copa América was held in Argentina. There was a lot of expectation for this edition, taking into account that the locals had not won an international title since 1993, and that team had great figures that excited people: Messi, Tevez, Higuaín, Mascherano, Agüero … Great figures who so far They had not managed to generate a special bond with the public despite being highly recognized in their clubs.

Uruguay arrived in the quarterfinals, which also had renowned players such as Lugano, Forlán and Suárez. It was a very close and even game. Uruguay took the lead with a goal from Diego Pérez after five minutes of play, while Argentina equalized through Gonzalo Higuaín. Then came the definition from the penalty spot, where the Charrúa won 5 to 4 and went on to the semifinals. After beating Peru in the semifinals, they would be champions in the final against Paraguay. The albicelste was left without DT, since the weak performance of the team led to the resignation of Sergio Batista.

The history of Argentina and Uruguay is very great. Both teams met in many different scenarios, the last one, in Tel Aviv, took place on November 18, 2019. The match, very hot despite being a friendly, as always happens with the classic River Plate, ended tied 2-2.

The goals of the match were scored by Cavani and Suárez for Uruguay, while for Argentina Agüero and Messi scored a penalty, when the match was over. Several names from this last friendly meeting will meet again. In addition to the authors of the goals, they are on the list for this Copa América match, Otamendi, Pezzela, Tagliafico, Paredes and De Paul, on the Argentine side, and Cáceres, Godín, Valverde, Torreira and Vecino, on the Uruguayan side.

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