He tired! Fabio Quartararo targeted MotoGP for his sanctions

Fabio Quartararo

Just over two weeks ago, Fabio Quartararo He was the protagonist of one of the biggest controversies in recent times. The French rider ran the last laps of the Catalan Grand Prix from MotoGP with the jumpsuit completely open and without the chest protectors. This generated various reactions, but many went the hardest route: they asked for the exclusion of the race.

However, the French rider responded to the criticism he had received in recent weeks and explained, once again, what happened in the first corner of the Catalan track. On the other hand, he pointed against the direction of the race after sanctioning the pilots for exceeding the track limits. In Catalonia, Quartararo was sanctioned for cutting the first corner.

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Quartararo aimed against those who make the decisions and assured that he does not see logic in the sanctions that were imposed on him in the last tests. “For me this type of sanction is quite strange, you get three centimeters in the green and take away a position, you don’t buy time, for me it is too much. For me it begins to be too much because it does not affect security and it ends up becoming something excessively serious, “said the World Cup leader.


After the controversy with his jumpsuit, the French pilot explained that he did not remove the protectors on purpose, but that there was a fault in the suit. However, a few days ago the brand that manufactures the overalls, Alpinestars, confirmed that there was no fault on the rack or components, which contradicts the words of the pilot of Yamaha. “In turn 1 my jumpsuit was completely opened,” he confirmed.

“I tried to get it into turn 3 and suddenly the pectorine flew off and I did the last laps with my overalls open. In the end they gave me that sanction, three hours later. I’d rather take it more for the funny than feel upset because it wouldn’t make any sense. We arrived at a new circuit that ultimately has tried to work on a new system, “added the Frenchman, according to the Motosan.es medium.

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