“I have to start respecting Canelo,” acknowledges Nacho Beristain

Ignacio Beristáin reconoce el trabajo de Canelo y Eddy

Ignacio Beristain, one of the best coaches in the history of Mexican boxing, assured that Mexicans have to start giving their place to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

“All Mexicans at any given time, including Nacho Beristain”, Began in an interview with You Can’t Play Boxing, “We must begin to think about respecting in a special way a man who today is making a lot of money and who has been doing remarkable things in the boxing environment and that his young coach is also making her scream and his name is Eddy reynoso”.

Don nacho He has spoken on several occasions to the Guadalajara boxer and his coach, arguing that they are not the best and even on one occasion said that Canelo it was not and was not going to be the best pound for pound.

“Sometimes I feel a bit sad, but I would like to send him a hug and say that I am very happy to see him triumph,” Ignacio said of the multi-time light heavyweight champion. “He is still a great fighter, an athlete who gives himself 100%.”

Even in 2020 he asked that they not call an idol Canelo AlvarezIn his opinion, they had given him five fights and he affirmed that when they told him that the Mexican was going to fight, he did not even pay attention to them.

Recognition after the knockout

However, he now acknowledged the work he has done after knocking out Billy joe saunders to have the 168 pound belts of the WBA, WBO Y CMB

“The other time I was watching a training of him,” he said. Don nacho, “And I was really impressed by his strength, his delivery, his way of hitting with the fierceness that hits the sack and the work of his young coach who is quite good.”

Despite the recognition he gave him, he said he still lacks an epic moment for all Mexicans to recognize him.

“But it lacks that final touch, even if you bother with me,” he continued. Don nacho, “Lacks that key moment for the public of Mexico that you are not entirely with him, recognize that he needed it, not to be an idol of Mexican boxing, because it will cost him an egg and half the other can be put into the people of Mexico. But that he is an athlete, he is an athlete, a thousand respects ”.

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