“It’s not true”: Valtteri Bottas denied the rumors and wants to stay at Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas is in the spotlight this weekend. The Finnish driver comes from quite bad results, and always behind his teammate, Lewis hamilton. However, in the last hours Bottas himself wanted to throw away all the rumors that show him outside the team Mercedes, being replaced by George Russell.

Before arriving at Paul ricard to face the French Grand PrixBottas had pressured Mercedes to begin negotiations to extend its link with the German team. However, the rumors not only continued but also increased after the silence of the team leaders. Until now, Toto wolff He did not want to give his version of the negotiation.

And now? A Formula 1 team closes the doors to Valtteri Bottas

After the rumors, Bottas not only dismissed the statements, but also assured that he had not yet started the negotiations for 2022. “You know, with Toto we talk often, it is normal for us. And we’ve also talked lately. That’s normal. But I cannot confirm that (if he will be fired), at least no one has told me, ”Bottas launched to the press.

On the other hand, the Finn shot against the rumors that were started and assured that the media invented the news to get visits. “It is not true, it is speculation, and I am sure there are all kinds of speculations that are not based on any fact. People are trying to make up stories, just for the clicks. Is that how it works”.

Situation in the team

Finally, Bottas wanted to clear the rumors by ensuring that he is only focused on the results of the next races. “All I can say is that we want to focus on the next three races. It’s going to take a lot of us as a team before we make any decisions together. I have not allowed myself to think too much about my future, because it can become a distraction. I just want to win races and get the results that I set out to do ”, he declared.

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