Julio César Chávez Jr assures that former UFC fighters come to boxing for money

Julio César Chávez Jr asegura que los ex peleadores de UFC llegan al boxeo por dinero

TO Julio César Chávez Jr He is not surprised that former UFC fighters are dabbling in professional boxing, as the pay is better here than in the Octagon.

“I didn’t know much about him (Anderson Silva), but these days it’s normal for UFC fighters to come to the box because they have better payouts and that’s interesting, you know, ”he said. Chavez Jr to MMA Junkie.

The former middleweight champion of the CMB will face Silva in an eight-round fight in the main event of “Tribute to the Kings” this Saturday, June 19 at the Jalisco Stadium.

“This particular fight with Anderson Silva It’s more competitive because it’s eight rounds, at 180 pounds, and my opponent knows how to fight because he had boxed in the past. It will be a good fight and I think the fighters of UFC they need to train more (boxing) like him, ”he argued.

Chávez Jr. admitted that he did not know too much about Silva, so he had to investigate with videos of MMA.

“The promoters made the fight and asked me if I wanted to fight with Anderson Silva“, Explained Chavez Jr. “They had a couple of other names. In the end, we choose Anderson Silva because I think he’s the oldest fighter, the most important and the most famous, that’s why. And I’m ready to fight him. I trained hard, I am in shape and it is an interesting fight ”.

Chávez Jr. is sure he can knock out Anderson Silva

Chavez Jr. He assured a few days ago that he could knock out Silva, although he does not trust that it is a single blow, but that the punishment to the body could reduce his rival ..

“I think the knockout is a great possibility in this fight, because it will be almost a heavyweight fight. I don’t know how he can take my blows. I feel like I can knock it out. I don’t trust a single hit, but I do trust it down going to the body and to the head. I think I have many possibilities, “he said to MMA Fighting.

Julio César Chávez Jr. and former UFC Anderson Silva face off on Saturday.

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