María Fassi sees medal potential for Mexico in Golf at Tokyo 2020

María Fassi sees medal potential for Mexico in Golf at Tokyo 2020

Golf returns to the Olympic program after 112 years of absence. María Fassi will join the Mexican team together with Gaby López, Abraham Ancer and Carlos Ortiz

María Fassi will be one of the representatives of Mexico in the Toki Olympic Games Golf tournamentor. The golfer born in Pachuca Hidalgo began her career at the age of seven and is currently part of the LPGA Tour where every week she participates in the best tournaments worldwide in the women’s branch.

María Fassi started her path in golf thanks to her admiration for Lorena Ochoa and today it is on the verge of playing its first Olympic games representing Mexico as a country.

“At the beginning as a normal girl I saw Lorena Ochoa play and she always said that I would like to be able to do the same; I dreamed of playing in the LPGA and all that. The truth is that it fills me with pride and a lot of joy to see how far I have arrived, to realize that little by little those dreams as a child have been fulfilled and also still with a long way to go ”.

“I have an Olympic joust in front of me that for me there is no more important competition than the Olympic Games for an athlete, obviously I am very proud to represent Mexico and it is compared to absolutely nothing.

“I remember when I was younger seeing the Olympians and I always imagined being on the podium, seeing the three flags go down and that Mexico’s is in the middle and being able to listen to the national anthem; I think it is a unique experience because once you go to an Olympians you are an Olympic athlete for the rest of your life, the impact that the Olympic Games have on an athlete’s career is far beyond what we can explain, I am very happy and very glad that all the work and all the sacrifices and the effort that I made during so many years is reflected in my qualification to my first Olympic Games ”, expressed María Fassi for ESPN.

María Fassi will join the Mexican team together with Gaby López, Abraham Ancer and Carlos Ortiz, The Hidalgo from Hidalgo considers that Mexico has a very powerful team in both branches and they have a real chance of winning an Olympic medal in Tokyo.

“We have to believe that Mexican golf has gradually become a world power, Abraham and Carlos have done great things on the PGA Tour while Gaby and I are doing things well on the LPGA, I think we are prepared and Four of us are very excited and eager to shine in these games, on our part there will be a 1000% commitment and we will do everything possible to bring medals to Mexico. “

“Since I became a professional I have not been able to wear the colors of Mexico as it should be, so I am very excited to do that one more time and definitely in my head I think I can win; I think I can be raising my arms to the women. who will be in second and third place and listening to the Mexican national anthem, he trusted a lot in the game of my teammates and we can be excited about a medal “.

María Fassi already had the opportunity to compete in the University Games and the Youth Olympic Games and he considers that this experience will be of great help in Tokyo, he also told how his preparation will be to face the summer joust in Japanese territory.

“I think that in terms of physical or mental preparation it is one more tournament, but there are some aspects to consider, especially the time change, adapting to jetlag and not feeling tired, maybe on that side we will have to make the change to arrive a little earlier to Tokyo and try to acclimatize little by little. We must take advantage of the fact that the men play first than we do to talk with them, take advantage of the possibility of going to see their competition, talk with them and get to know the field in the that we are going to play, normally you do not have the opportunity to see a previous tournament in the field where you are going to play; we must take this opportunity to try to learn details of the field and everything that is needed to play well and also take the opportunity to support Carlos and Abraham during their participation in the Olympic games. “

María Fassi is recovering her best level after a knee operation and is confident that she will arrive in excellent condition at the tournament in Tokyo That for the female branch will be held in the first days of August, the Hidalgo woman hopes to shine in the summer fair and with this continue to promote golf within Mexican territory.

“It is an enormous responsibility. As I said before, Lorena paved the way for us, but it is our responsibility that this path continues to grow with triumphs and good examples, I hope that we continue to inspire more people to play, to pursue their dreams either in golf or in any other branch. It is true that it is a responsibility, but at the same time it fills me with great pride to be able to become a source of inspiration for the little ones or for anyone, we have to take advantage of the platform that has been given to us. given with being public figures and trying to use it to improve the little ones, improve society and do our bit to make everything better ”.

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