Nonito Donaire explains the hidden keys of Pacquiao vs Spence

Nonito Donaire explica las claves escondidas de Pacquiao vs Spence

Nonito Donaire assured that Manny pacquiao has a good chance of beating Errol spence jr using his speed and movement.

“In every fight, there is the possibility of winning and losing. He (Pacquiao) he looked good in his last fight, ”he said. Nonito Donaire in interview for Fight Hype. I do not rule out Pacquiao, I think he has the ability to do it, win the fight.

What’s more, Nonito Donaire made it clear that for Manny Pacquiao it will be difficult to face a fighter who is also left-handed like him, and the quality of Errol Spence. He explained the hidden keys to this fight.

“Are you motivated and hungry?” Nonito. “But also, how will he fight a southpaw? When someone fights a southpaw, they have a blind spot to which Pacquiao it attacks constantly ”.

In order to Nonito, the main question is whether Pacquiao will be able to exploit these blind spots before a fighter of the level of Spence, also left-handed.

“Will he be able to do that against another southpaw?” Nonito. “That is the question that everyone wants to answer. Do I think he has the ability to win the fight? Absolutely”.

In order to Grace, that left-handed clash will be the main key in the fight. And it is something that can complicate the night Manny.

“It is very difficult because we have never seen him in a fight against a southpaw with a caliber like Spence, especially with the scope ”, he explains Nonito. “Will it be difficult for him (Pacquiao)? It could be very difficult for him. The feint (of Pacquiao) is definitely the key and for Spence It will be the jab. For Pacquiao it will be the feint and the nod. Do I think it is capable of doing it? Absolutely”.

Finally Nonito Donaire He assured that he already wants the day of the fight to come to be able to enjoy a good fight.

“I am excited for the fight; it’s an exciting fight. I just don’t rule it out Pacquiao). You can’t discount a legendary fighter like him, “he said. Nonito Donaire.

Nonito Donaire wants to earn everything he lacks in his career

Nonito Donaire revealed that he will seek to unify all the titles in his division, something he did not achieve after 21 years of professional career.

With poise and emotion, Grace He affirmed that he will go tirelessly in search of the highest award, even with 38 years of age.

“My goal is to become the undisputed bantamweight champion,” the Filipino told Boxing Scene, after his last victory for the rooster scepter of the World Boxing Council. “I have won championships in four divisions. I am a nine-time world champion. I was fighter of the year. The only thing I have not done in my career is to win the undisputed championship and that is the plan. That is why I wanted this fight. That is my next goal ”.

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