Ricky Hatton thinks Saunders would do well to retire after Canelo injury

Canelo Álvarez y Billy Joe Saunders

Ricky hatton think that Billy joe saunders should not fight again, after the injury that caused him Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez on May 8th.

“I heard that he would heal quickly, but with an injury of that size it will be difficult every time he receives a blow in that area,” he wrote. Hatton in your column to Subway. “It will be like constantly remembering the pain you went through and you can never forget it. That’s one of the reasons why I think he will end up retiring. “

Billy joe suffered a fracture in his right orbital bone and disappeared from the public spotlight for a couple of weeks, after the fight in which he was stripped of his super middleweight belt of the OMB.

This situation. according Rickywill influence the way you decide to pursue your boxing career.

“He is a fighter and a very smart man, only he knows how bad it was with that injury,” he said. “We cannot judge it. Those who do have never worn a pair of gloves. We do not know what he went through or the consequences of that blow ”.

Hatton, a former world champion in the welterweight division who lost only three bouts in his career (one against Manny pacquiao and another against Floyd mayweather jr) after remaining undefeated for 43 fights, he believes that the pain inflicted by the blows of Canelo will constantly return to the head of Saunders .

“You may think you can turn the page, but you may think what would happen if you go through similar pain again,” she said. “We cannot guarantee that he will not be injured again in the same way. No matter what the doctors tell you, that stays in your mind. “

Billy joe lasted until the seventh episode before Alvarez, before his team decided that he could not go out to fight in the eighth, since the inflammation under the eye already prevented him from seeing clearly the Mexican’s attacks.

Despite this, Hatton he asserted that it left the British great satisfaction.

“I think he put up a great fight, the one who beat him is the best pound for pound out there, he’s a damn animal that is destroying everyone who puts him in front of him,” he considered. “Billy he had a great performance and I’m proud of him. “

About the future of Billy Joe yes decides to finally hang up the gloves, Hatton thinks his countryman’s personality could be great for boxing broadcasts.

“It would be great for television, I think everyone follows the script and it looks a bit fake, but he would say what he really thinks, he would be someone just fantastic to see on the broadcasts,” he said.

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