The URBA confirmed the return of the tournaments with a statement

The URBA confirmed the return of the tournaments with a statement

The Buenos Aires Rugby Union confirmed the return to activity, the dates and competition formats. Here is the official statement from URBA.

The URBA Board of Directors at its meeting held on 6/16/21 decided to approve the dates for the restart of all competitions to be carried out this year.

Depending on the federative nature of our sport, understanding that the conditions are in place to advance in the return to the game and taking into account the time necessary for the physical conditioning of our players, it was decided to start the official URBA competitions according to the following schedule:

Superior Divisions: All tournaments start with the fixtures duly drawn

Top 12 – starts 7/17/21: A qualifying round will be played (11 dates), then the teams will be classified into 2 zones of 6 teams each under the “viborita” system (5 dates) and the 2 best-ranked teams from each zone will play the semifinal matches and final that will classify the Champion team.

-There is no demotion – the tournament regulations will be communicated shortly – there will be 5 free dates.

First A, First B, First C, Second, Third and Development – starts 7/31/21: An all round will be played, the 4 best ranked teams will play the semifinal and final matches. – The champion team is promoted.

-There are no relegation of categories – the tournament regulations will be communicated shortly – there will be 3 free dates.

Promotions: It should be taken into account that category promotions will be made as long as the tournaments can be carried out as planned.

Youth Tournaments – start 8/7/21: They will start after winter break. They will be organized regionally

Women’s Rugby Tournaments – Business and College – start 8/8/21: The fixtures and dates of their development will be reported shortly.

In all categories and until further notice, it must be respected that the matches are carried out WITHOUT PUBLIC / WITHOUT CHANGING ROOMS / WITHOUT CAMARADERÍA LUNCH / WITHOUT THIRD TIMES.- For the supposed case that for reasons unrelated to the clubs they could not be carried out one or more of the scheduled matches is made known that said suspensions will not imply sanctions of any kind to the club or clubs involved.

We will reiterate that only those players who present the Precompetitive Medical Evaluation.- Likewise, players who have suffered from COVID19 must have andl suitable for cardiology for sports practice.

We hope that our tournaments will not suffer any further postponements and that we can start the competitions on the scheduled dates. Once again we request and appreciate the collaboration and work of all the clubs in maintaining the activity, complying with and enforcing the current sanitary protocols to return to the game in a safe way for our players and collaborators.

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