Anderson Silva surprises and defeats Julio César Chávez Jr. by split decision.

Julio César Chávez Jr. vs Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva It was a pleasant surprise for boxing, despite his 46 years, and defeated by split decision Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by double card of 77-75 and 75-77 on billboard made in the Jalisco Stadium.

Although it should be noted what the Brazilian did in the ring showing that he is not improvised in boxing, again the little preparation and that he has underestimated his rival led the Sinaloan to another shameful chapter in his career.

First he did not give the agreed weight of 182 pounds and went over two pounds, and although he faced Anderson Silva which was his second fight in boxing, the experience of Chavez Jr.

The start of the fight was the best for JC, who true to his style went to the front, seeking to shorten the distance, but Silva he counterattacked very well.

And as the minutes passed, the seniority of Anderson he was imposing himself inside the ring to see himself faster, more precise and after feeling the punch of the Sinaloan, he was more comfortable.

By the third time, the former champion of the UFC he even had the luxury of standing in a corner and asking July to hit him, as he did on different occasions in his mixed martial arts career.

The chapters were passed and the moment arrived when Anderson Silva He was better seen physically, going to the front, landing good right uppercuts and showing that he was not an improvised one in this professional boxing contest.

For its part, Julius Caesar He was seen with a worse physique and already from the middle he was going backwards, something unusual in his career, in addition to his speed compared to that of the Brazilian was much lower.

Although the fight seemed more open, in the eighth round Anderson went out to control Chavez, while the latter sought the knockout with his corner asking for it.

In the end, the cards were tighter than what happened in the ring and Anderson Silva It was a pleasant surprise from fighters who have gone from mixed martial arts to boxing.

“It must have been a draw,” claims Chávez Jr

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. did not believe that Anderson Silva he should have won the fight and claimed that he had to throw many more punches to defeat him.

“I fell short in throwing punches, I let him have a fight, sometimes he pulled me close to the ropes,” he said at the end of the contest. “For a lot. It must have been a tie. I was in good condition, it took me a little bit off balance, it pulled the ropes closer. At no point did I feel that I dominated the fight so that I would win.

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