Demanded, Jermall Charlo rowed deep to win unanimous decision over Juanito Montiel

Exigido, Jermall Charlo remó profundo para ganar decisión unánime a Juanito Montiel

In a very entertaining fight full of drama and bravery, Jermall charlo won by unanimous decision to a very worthy Juan Macías Montiel Saturday night in Houston. Charlo thus retained the world middleweight championship of the CMB.

The cards, in favor of CharloThey were wide, perhaps broader than what happened in the ring. A judge saw win Jermall 118-109, another saw 119-109 and the third 120-108. And maybe they seemed spacious because Montiel made see Jermall charlo human in the fight.

Yes OK, Charlo was a clear winner, Montiel brought it down from the cloud: to be Jermall a super class, to have to row deep to get the fight going. Charlo He was cut, swollen in his right eye, and struggled on at least a couple of times when he looked hurt.

Both fighters shone in strategy, bravery and dignity. They reached the final bell, dealing with adversity and taking the fight to drama.

Montiel complicated in the first rounds to Charlo, because it came out with a strange, labyrinthine style. He boxed, he cornered himself, and he waited. He constantly changed guard, from right to left-handed, and vice versa, shooting from both profiles. Sometimes he even threw blows while walking. Those changes of the guard opened angles of attack on Charlo that he used well with sharp hands.

Jermall charlo He stood in the center of the ring, and based on speed and precision he managed to connect the Mexican. Round after round Charlo He imposed his sharpness of hitting and thus took the advantage in the points and won the episodes.

The champion hurt Montiel on a couple of occasions, both in the fifth and sixth rounds. And he did it with sharp blows. First a right hook on the fifth, then a left hook on the sixth. Both blows came in the first minute of each round, and forced Montiel survive for more than two minutes. On both occasions, despite a staggering state, the Mexican managed to rally and finish the round by throwing punches.

For the moment, Montiel exposed gaps and weak flanks in the boxing of Charlo, especially when hitting the body. MontielWith his constant guard changes, he positioned himself at precise angles that made it easier for him to hit the American’s liver. And every time, that a hand of Montiel went in there, Charlo lost something in the ring. It slowed down, slowed down, acknowledged receipt.

This is how Montiel managed to level the fight a bit in the second half of the match. Knocking down Charlo, and thereby sapping your speed.

The Mexican managed to inflame him and cut off his right eye. Charlo in the ninth round. Was that the best episode of Montiel that connected combinations, and where it seemed that each of the upares that he threw, entered clearly on Charlo. The American appeared hurt twice in the second half of the fight.

The fight closed with drama, with intensity, and with both fighters emptying the last that they had left in the tank.

When the final bell came, Jermall charlo seemed clear winner, but Juanito Montiel he had had the fight of his life. Despite losing in combat, Montiel accomplished that few had ever accomplished: he made a deadly fighter look like Jermall charlo.

If someone should have taken notes of the weaknesses that Montiel exhibited in Charlo, those must be the Canelo Alvarez Y Eddy reynoso, particularly with the attack on the body.

In the end, the same Jermall charlo recognized the bravery of Montiel, and he himself went and hung the medal of the CMB on the Mexican’s neck as a sign of recognition. Jermall charlo retained the world middleweight championship of the CMB.

Montielthank you man ”, he said Jermall charlo at the end of the fight. “A warrior, huh ?! A warrior!”

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