Dissatisfied! Sergio Pérez after the race: “We want more”

Sergio Pérez

Red bull had a perfect Sunday in Formula 1 with the victory of Max verstappen at the French Grand Prix, after passing Lewis Hamilton one lap from the end. In addition, the third place of Sergio perez It was also a reason for celebration in the bull squad. However, the Mexican rider put cold cloths on his good moment and predicted better results.

The Mexican, who achieved his second consecutive podium in the 2021 season, expressed his feelings after the race: “Holding on to lap 25 gave us the podium. We must improve. The fact that it rained early hurt us in principle. My priority is to improve. I am not happy at all. When your teammate wins it is a good result, but there is more to do ”.

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Checo’s anger

He was also annoyed at not having time to overtake Hamilton, who had problems with his tires to close the race: “He was already only three seconds behind Hamilton, so I would have reached him in two or three more laps.” Furthermore, he added: “We do not want those third places, we want more”.

In addition, he showed his personal dissatisfaction despite the good overall performance of Red Bull: “Happy with the result and for the team. It was not a complete and ideal weekend for me, but it was a good result for the team and we had a good result”. In addition, he congratulated the team for its performance: “As always it was a good race and a great strategy.”

Finally, he also clarified what the start of his career was like and how he corrected from the pit stop: “I wanted to stay among the leaders. The first laps the car made it difficult to stay behind and then the wind calmed down and the car improved, I picked up the pace and was able to stretch my first stop and that paid off in the end.

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