Does it change category? The controversial statements of the environment of Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison.

There is no doubt that Kayla harrison is breaking all the schemes in PFL. This is why the judoka strength and conditioning coach, Jeremy fedorukHe hopes to see her at 145 pounds. Her potential and the ability she has to harm her opponents make everyone around her excited about what may come for her. Therefore, before MMA Junkie, the aforementioned spoke.

Harrison (9-0) is currently competing at 155 pounds and is more comfortable than ever. He made his Featherweight debut in November 2020, when he defeated Courtney King at Invicta FC 43. Now, more into what’s to come and dreaming of reaching the title shot, all that remains is to keep moving forward and look forward to it. fixed target. That is exactly what your coach plans.

Follow her path: Kayla Harrison and the magnificent fight she will have in PFL

Starting, Fedoruk He stated, “It goes without saying that Harrison is an incredible athlete, extremely disciplined. You could tell him a few things, he will do it 20 times and he will do it perfect every time. But for her, it really just monitors and keeps her working. Keep her on schedule and she’s good. Obviously that’s where it will end – the writing is on the wall. But she’s great at 55. “

“He will be even better at 45, and the rest will see soon. The important thing is to simply keep an eye on the volume during the camp. Everyone has nicks and bruises. Minimize your scratches and bruises, stay cool and control your caloric intake, watch what you are eating and then start your cutting a little earlier if necessary, “he also expressed. Jeremy fedoruk.

Is focused

I’m not Miss Congeniality. I’m not here to make friends. This is not a business to make friends. These promoters are not my friends. These fighters are not my friends. I’m here for a job and just one job and that’s to be the best of all time and that’s it. I wish him the best and everything, but for my selfish reasoning, I would like to fight a different competition, “he said. Kayla harrison weeks ago.

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