Julio César Chávez leaves the public happy and ties with Héctor Camacho Jr.

Canelo Álvarez y Julio César Chávez

Julio Cesar Chavez defended his legacy on the billboard held in the Jalisco Stadium and tied with Hector Camacho Jr. in his last fight as a boxer.

After he saw his children lose at the same function, Omar against Ramón “Inocente” Álvarez and to Jr. in view of Anderson Silva, the legend rescued the night in the midst of thousands of fans who surrendered to him.

JC, accustomed to giving the best show to those who have followed him, he went out to deliver everything that was left in the tank to make the public happy.

Chavez, true to his style, he went forward seeking to connect to Camacho that during the previous fight he tried to provoke it.

The best combinations in the ring were made July and he began to hurt the Puerto Rican when the hooks to the liver began to enter.

Because of that and what Hector it was technically inferior and in speed, its performance began to decline as the clock ticked on.

Already for the last round and with hot blood, JC Chavez challenged the son of Male Camacho to fight without a mask, but the Puerto Rican did not accept the challenge and asked to put it on, causing the public to ignite.

The boxer from Sinaloa also asked Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, who saw the function from the front row, who went up to his corner and in the last chapter was the best pound for pound accompanying one of the best fighters in history.

Delivered to his audience, the legend came out to give everything he had, frankly, with his guard down and throwing six to seven blows to get the best dividends from the fight that lasted four episodes.

After three intense minutes, with July going to the front and Hector countering and selecting his punches, the assistants in the Jalisco Stadium They applauded the legend who warned that he will not have another exhibition fight in his career.

Compliments to Canelo

In the lands that saw grow and develop Canelo Álvarez, Julio César Chávez gave him his place at the end of their last boxing match.

“Here you have the best Mexican fighter of today and possibly in history,” said the legend. “Canelo he has earned everything thanks to his talent, hard work and perseverance ”.

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