Max Verstappen wins the French Grand Prix with a collection strategy

Max Verstappen

The French Grand Prix left magnificent performances in its 2021 edition, unlike previous races it was fought from start to finish. Max verstappen That came from staying with pole position winning the arm wrestling to the two Mercedes at the time of defining the start of the race, managed to consecrate himself on this track and get his fourth victory of the season.

After the departure of the drivers, Hamilton managed to place first. However, a double stop from the team Red bull it was enough for the Dutchman to arrive with better tires at the end of the race. On lap 44, the leader of the classification overtook Valtteri Bottas, a rider who did not hesitate to publicly express his annoyance at the team’s decisions Mercedes.

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Hamilton with his worn tires managed to stay until the last lap. Finally, Verstappen transferred the Briton without major problems on one of the straights at the close of the French Grand Prix. The Red Bull celebration contrasted with the tension of Toto Wolff for not being able to improve the last races of the team. The difference between the two drivers that shows the good moment of the Dutchman’s team.

Checo Pérez continued to demonstrate his importance in the team and not only achieved a third place, he also consolidated the power of Red Bull in the constructors’ classification. The Mexican, the perfect ally for Verstappen. The top of the race was completed by Norris with a fifth place, followed by Ricciardo, Gasly, Alonso, Vettel and Stroll.

«At the second stop the car skidded everywhere, when we made the first stop the hard tire pushed a lot. Ultimately, the strategy paid off, but we had to work hard to achieve it. We had to fight to the end, ”he said. “He will do this until the end of the season,” said Verstappen after achieving the victory.

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