This is how he lived it: Anderson Silva, from UFC legend to boxing star at 46

Anderson Silva.

In the early hours of Sunday Anderson Silva accomplished something historic for him and the world of boxing. The Mixed Martial Arts legend and former UFC champion managed to defeat Julio César Chávez Jr. by unanimous decision and further sunk the Mexican. The son of the mythical Latin fighter is highly criticized in these hours, taking into account that the South American is 46 years old and now has a record of only 2-1.

In the previous one, Silva He had indicated: “I’m in Brazil on vacation, I’m training but not training for a fight and my manager called me and said ‘you have an interesting fight, I don’t know if you like it or not but that’s the fight’ that has been offered. And I was like, ‘Wow, that’s great.’ I said let me check it out and I’ll call you back. Two days later, I thought and said that I could do that. I accept the challenge. I also accept the opportunity to do something in this sport.

Historical! Anderson Silva defeated Julio César Chávez Jr. on his return to boxing

«It is a good challenge for my mind, for my body because I learn everything new. Because boxing is not about hitting and beating the guy. It is more technical. You have to take care of the technique, the position of your hands, your legs, your feet, this is incredible for me. I am learning a lot and I am enjoying my moment because it is very special. This is the one I dreamed of all my life to fight in the box at this level », summed up the Brazilian.

I was confident

For its part, Anderson He said, “I’m lucky. I pray every day and thank God for giving me every opportunity, for giving me greetings for continuing to do my job, for continuing to do something that I love. I’m so happy. I fought for many, many years ago, I fought amateur, I fought professionally, not at the same boxing level. I did it successfully in a different sport, in Muay Thai and MMA. Now, everything I do in the world of MMA, I think I complete my mission. “

It’s an amazing challenge, but I don’t think Julio César Chávez Jr. be good. I try to improve my form. I try to improve my training. Because boxing is a different sport but it is a contact sport. It’s a fight. I live my whole life in the world of wrestling and when you enter the ring, it is the same energy. You feel the same power within your heart, within your mind, “he concluded. Anderson Silva.

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