Tremendous! Dustin Poirier’s coach predicted a dramatic ending for Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor.

The trilogy between Dustin Poirier Y Conor mcgregor promises to be the most exciting event of the year. The historic contest between the two will take place on July 10, in what will be the UFC 264. That is why the boxing coach of the «Diamond», Dyah Davis, spoke with MMA Junkie and predicted what may happen. With a win for each, the third fight will end the story.

Being that way, Davis He began by saying the following: “Dustin is active, I think it definitely plays in his favor. Conor He was out of the game two, three years, so ring rust can possibly play a factor, but listen, you’re a fighter. Conor is a fighter first and his job as a fighter is to be in the gym constantly.

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You should be training, you should sharpen your tools, and that’s what Dustin does. Even if he doesn’t have a fight scheduled, he’s still in the gym, he’s still training, he’s still doing what he’s supposed to do. He continues to be responsible as a fighter, ”explained the American’s coach, who knocked out the Irishman in the rematch.

They are very confident

On the other hand, Dyah He was also clear and communicated: “I take this approach as if I were a lumberjack, we are in a forest. The idea is to cut down the tree from below and that is exactly what we did. It’s a fight. So we looked for any weaknesses that we could take advantage of and that was one of them. So we capitalized and started from there and ended up finishing it off with strikes. “

“I think it will develop in a similar way to the second fight, maybe a little more. I see us running and getting a victory by KO in the third round, “he completed. Dyah Davis, who clearly hopes that Dustin Poirier knock out the former double champion of UFC. Anyway, it is known that it will not be easy, since Conor mcgregor you can always have something saved.

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