An injury that is exciting: Virna Jandiroba gets among the best for her last victory

Virna Jandiroba.

On Saturday night Virna jandiroba He showed off in the UFC Vegas 29, seriously injuring his rival. The Brazilian appeared with another strong victory, one of those that sounds strongly in MMA. He grabbed Kanako Mutata’s arm, turned it, and went home in painful triumph. After finishing the second round, the doctors analyzed the limb of the Japanese, making it clear that she could not continue.

Being that way, talking to MMA Junkie, Jandiroba He stated: “The ending was a big surprise because I had the impression that I could get a presentation. I’ve trained a lot on my punches so maybe I could get a knockout. But I never expected what happened, that she got hurt and had to stop a round later. That was weird. I hope you feel better. I’m very happy”.

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«Now I have returned to my winning ways. I have trained a lot in my hitting. I was hoping to show it this time. I respect my teammates in the division, but I think it’s time I found a top 10 opponent. Looking at the ratings, I noticed that Nina Nunes is one of the few that is available. I respect her a lot and admire her, but it is time for her to go up a step in the ranking, “he explained.

I was ready for victory

In the previous one, Virna He had commented: “I want them to see me, we want them to see us as a whole, as people. That’s something we feel here, and I think it was triggered in this fight. It is not about Virna, it is something historical in Brazil, and I took that luggage and felt it a little. We all feel that way a little bit, and it’s not something I want to wear. That also motivates me, of course, I want to show the northeast, but I want it to be lighter.

“I’m an emotional person, even if I don’t look like one, and this fight brought it out, to be more professional in that sense. “Okay, put less emotion into the fight and do your job.” It bothered me deeply in that sense, because it goes to your roots, to your emotions, and they have to be under control, “he also communicated. Virna jandiroba before his big performance on Saturday.

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