Anderson Silva vs. the Paul brothers? The viral crossing of words between the two

Anderson Silva.

After what was the victory of Anderson Silva this weekend, Jake paul left him a message. Julio César Chávez Jr. was the Brazilian’s victim in the ring, making his return to professional boxing. In this way, the youngest of the youtubers brothers said a few words for the South American, who then responded without problems. Therefore, both went viral.

“Respect to Anderson Silva @spideranderson in victory… .vc is a Brazilian lenda! It would be an honor to have him against Roy Jones Jr on the same card as Tyron and me “, was what he posted Jake paul on Instagram, after what was the Brazilian’s victory against Julio César Chávez Jr. The youtuber complimented him and received the same from the other side, so the fans applaud them both.

He’s giant: Anderson Silva and his happiness after venturing into boxing

Before that, Silva responded to MMA Junkie by saying, “Wow, yeah, absolutely. I respect both. I have a great relationship with both brothers and yes, I think this is also possible. That is entertaining. It’s a fight, but it’s entertaining. Logan and his brother are amazing guys. People like to talk about boys a lot, but they are very good people. I respect both and I respect the sport. I believe that everything is possible. I think it is possible that the next fight will be with Logan paul, perhaps”.

There is mutual respect

“I do not know. Now, I go home and my son has a fight very soon, a kickboxing fight and I will go help my son. Maybe I fight jiu-jitsu, maybe I fight gi or no gi, maybe I have the next boxing match. I do not know. Right now, my focus is helping my son. Let me tell you something, I have nothing else to prove to anyone. The boxing community has shown me respect, to my opponent I showed my respect, to the people here in Mexico, “he said.

To close, Anderson Silva He highlighted: «I love Mexico. I do not know. Maybe I’ll fight boxing again. I am free right now. I am a free man. I try to do my best in everything I do in my life. My focus right now is helping my son. My son has a fight very soon and I will go to help my son in training. I am training my son for his next fight. The future is amazing. Everything is possible. Maybe I will fight again or not. Right now, my focus is enjoying my day and helping my son to the next fight.

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