Clippers rule out Kawhi Leonard for Game 2 vs. Suns; Marcus Morris status, on the air

Clippers rule out Kawhi Leonard for Game 2 vs.  Suns;  Marcus Morris status, on the air

PHOENIX – The LA Clippers will be without Kawhi Leonard in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night and risk not having one of their most important defenders, Marcus, in the lineup either. Morris.

Clippers coach Ty Lue said Leonard remains out of action with a sprained right knee and his status has not changed, putting his participation in the remainder of the series in question.

However, Morris ‘status for Game 2 is up in the air after the power forward injured his right knee and played just five minutes in the second half of the Clippers’ 120-114 loss to the Suns in the Game 1.

“(Marcus) is still experiencing some pain, but has received treatment. I’m not sure about his status tomorrow (Tuesday), but he’s doing everything in his power to try to play, ”Lue said.

Although he’s not in Phoenix with the Clippers, Leonard has been involved behind the scenes. Lue said the team star wanted to FaceTime while the coach met with his staff on Monday afternoon.

Leonard constantly wants to keep up with team strategies and game plans.

At halftime in Game 6, when the Clippers were trailing the Utah Jazz by 22 points, Leonard visited the coaches’ office at Staples Center to discuss adjustments.

“(Kawhi) stays connected. He likes to know the adjustments we are going to make, he likes to know the game plan so, when he watches the game, he can understand what we do well and what we do wrong and let the coaches and players know. He is very involved ”, highlighted Lue. “Although he returned to take rehab, he is involved with us.”

Leonard has been busy texting his teammates, giving them tips and ideas that he comes up with while watching the games in Los Angeles.

“(Kawhi) is a big part of this team and it’s not like he’s not going to play anymore,” said center Ivica Zubac. “He is involved and tries to help in many different ways.

“He is very careful about details. That’s how it was when he played and that’s how it is now that he’s out of action. The details matter to him, ”he added.

After Game 1, in which Devin Booker scored 40 points and had a triple-double, the Clippers will need all the details they can get to limit the Suns guard.

“(The Suns) did a good job of just destroying our defense most of the time,” Lue said. “We made a few mistakes, but Devin Booker did a great job of recognizing what plays he wanted to make, when we were going to try to double-mark him. They knew well which players to turn to and put us in difficult positions. They did a great job with their offensive plan. “

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