Crazy! Tyron Woodley says he’ll knock out Jake Paul then go for Logan

Tyron Woodley.

Few hours ago, Tyron woodley went viral for his sayings towards Jake paul, with whom he will collide soon. The former champion of UFC He will be measured against the youngest of the youtubers brothers, although that would not be all for him. Speaking with Michael Bisping on the Believe You Me podcast, the mixed martial artist extraordinary made it clear that he will knock out the first one and then go for Logan Paul.

Initially, Woodley He said, “This is a new chapter for me. You know how this sport works, when you knock out a motherfucker, you go to the next level and you really start to hit a hot streak, no one will remember those fights. To be honest, all those fights during the pandemic, all the fights during APEX, no crowd, all of that will become an exhibition in our life.

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“That won’t be remembered like UFC 205 or the big fights in the arena of U2. The fans did it. The fans made it what it was, so for me, I think what people are going to see is a continuation of what they saw against (Vicente) Luque but without getting caught. The pressure, the dominance. He is back. I think three. The first round sounds arrogant, it sounds great, ”he commented.

Is ready for everything

In addition, Tyron He stated: ‘But I know that if I am fighting Woodley, everyone will tell you to take cover, weather the storm, grab it, grab it, keep it away from you, stay away, watch your right hand. I have a couple of traps to set, so I may need a round or two to set some traps, see what he responds to, and I think in the third round I should be able to fix the deal. ”

“He took this fight and I was very surprised that he accepted this fight. They’re gassing him and they’re giving him that ‘You have the power’. He sold. He hasn’t won a fight in a million years. You youngest, hungriest, is taking you lightly, you can beat him! I want to rob the bank twice. I don’t really have smoke with his brother Logan, but shit, after he sees what I do to his brother, he will want to have hands too, “he closed Tyron woodley.

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