“Deontay Wilder has never been an elite fighter,” explains Anthony Joshua.

Deontay Wilder nunca ha sido un peleador de élite, explica Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua ensures that he does not think that Deontay Wilder be an elite fighter and explained his reasons.

“It is not, (Wilder) he’s not an elite fighter in my opinion, ”he said. Anthony Joshua in interview for Sky Sports. “He’s good, he’s a heavyweight, so you always know that one punch can change the course of a fight. But I have never seen a fighter in the heavyweight division go to war with only one weapon in his arsenal, which is his right hand. “

Joshua think that the mighty right hand of Wilder not enough at that level.

“When you reach the highest level, believe me that is not enough for you, it stops working,” he explained. Joshua. “As we have seen, the highest level is already complicated for him and there are many more waiting for the opportunity to kick his butt. So he’s going to have problems when he takes on fighters like me and other heavyweights. “

Y Joshua accused Wilder to fight low-level rivals, while he has done it against the best.

“I am an elite fighter, I am not one of those tomato cans that he (Wilder

) has been knocked out, “he said Joshua. “It is better that he watch what he is saying and check the reality because when the day comes for me and for him, I know what I am capable of.”

It should be remembered that after an arbitration ruling, the negotiations between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, and the third fight was ordered between Gypsy king Y Wilder before September, something that made everything that had already been agreed with both world heavyweight champions collapse.

Joshua has no problem facing Wilder

The British Joshua answered Sky saying he doesn’t know what excuses he’s talking about Deontay Wilder.

“I don’t know what excuses you think I’m making, I’m a throwback fighter, look at the resume, I’ve been with all of them. I will fight all of them Wilder

it’s just another in the hierarchical order, no problem, “he added.

“Talking is cheap, it is the cheapest thing to buy on Earth,” he said.

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