He’s giant: Anderson Silva and his happiness after venturing into boxing

Anderson Silva.

This Sunday, Anderson Silva achieved something historic in the world of boxing, with 46 years of age. The Mixed Martial Arts legend and former UFC champion was able to defeat July Cesar Chavez Jr. by unanimous decision and further sunk the Mexican. The son of the mythical Latin fighter is highly criticized in these hours, while the Brazilian is filled with praise from all sides.

Starting, Silva He highlighted: «I am very happy. Especially since I trained hard. I never stopped training. I love my job. I train hard every day. I work hard every day. I’m happy. I am very very happy. I am very respectful with my coaches, with my teammates training and I am very happy to be here today and to win and show my respect. I’m so happy. I can’t compare.

The controversy! Julio César Chávez Jr. did not give weight and was once again the center of criticism

This is completely different. It cannot be compared. You come to Mexico, it is a traditional sport here. You are putting on a great show for all the Mexican people. I am excited right now. It is completely different. I can’t compare. Boxing is a traditional sport. When people try to fight in the box, people need to understand that this is not easy, “said the Brazilian.

You know what you are up against

On the other hand, Anderson He stated: “This is not the same as MMA. MMA is one sport, boxing is a different sport. Jujitsu is a different sport. When you get into different disciplines, you have to have respect and train hard. Because you can’t come to boxing if you don’t show respect for boxing. That is respect. This is respect for martial arts. This is respect for the fight. You have to respect that.

«I am here, I am not Mexican and I come to fight in Mexico. Everyone watching the fight saw that my opponent did not hurt me, he did not put the points correctly and every time I hit my opponent, I make points. I do not know. I can’t control anything outside but inside I can control. Inside the ring, I can control but outside, he is not with me, “he completed. Anderson Silva, new boxing star.

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