No one is obliged to represent their country in international sporting events

No one is obliged to represent their country in international sporting events

Since before the confirmation that stars of the caliber of Kevin Durant and James Harden will join the US team that will go to the Olympic Games, criticism has rained on Al Horford and Karl-Anthony Towns for not accompanying the Dominican team to the pre-Olympic tournament in serbia

The United States Men’s Basketball Team that will go to Olympic Games will be composed by some of the best talents of today in the NBA. James harden Y Kevin Durant They are two of the most recent acquisitions from a team that boasts an impressive amount of talent and the announcement of the addition to the team comes after being disqualified in the postseason.

On your side, Dominican Republic is trying to fight with all his might a quota within the Olympic Games, during the qualifying tournament to be played in Serbia, facing the locals already Philippines, two teams with much more offensive power and size than the Caribbean team, which will again be seen in a tournament of such magnitude without its players of NBA, Karl Anthony-Towns Y Al Horford.

Horford said he would not go with the team due to his contractual status in the league after Oklahoma city thunder decided to seat him in the season to give young players more opportunity to see minutes on the court, but it was achieved that he was changed to Boston Celtics, a set with which he already had the opportunity to play.

On the side of Towns, was unable to play the entire season due to issues related to COVID-19 and injury, added to the personal trauma he had to face in 2020 due to the pandemic, which ended up costing his mother her life.

Many are bothered by the fact that these players do not represent Dominican Republic. Under the phrase “their country does not hurt”, They recriminate the fact that they decide not to be uniformed and everything gets worse when players of the caliber of Harden or Durant they say yes to their selections. However, the situations are not the same.

In the Dominican Republic, a significant number of athletes are mistreated, forgotten for what they did in the past and are not given the thanks of place for giving years of their careers to the national cause. This is demonstrated by the most recent conflicts presented between Luguelin Santos Y Julius luciano against the sports authorities, situations that were recorded and even shared by the Dominican deputy Bolivar Valera.

In other countries, team training programs provide an amount of benefit and follow-up to athletes that Dominican Republic it does not give them, because it does not have the conditions to do so, in most cases.

Athletes have circumstances and lives that must be respected, even if sometimes they don’t like the idea. It is true that, sometimes, the athletes themselves are the ones who create the expectations of their participation and then do not report, but they are within their rights and if they wish, no one can force them to participate in any sporting commitment.

It is true that it hurts to receive the news that the best athletes of a discipline in a country make the decision not to represent it in a commitment as important as a pre-Olympic tournament where there is a quota for Tokyo to play, but it is necessary to accept it and understand that nobody is there. obliged to represent his country.

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