Julio César Chávez Jr revealed on social media that he had a hard time catching air after the third round of his fight against Anderson Silva.

On his loss to Anderson Silva, Chavez Jr He explained the awkward way he endured their fight to the end.

“I had to lose three kilos. They lowered it, it was going to be in less weight. I still feel like throwing up so I lost weight. I came all the way with a shitload of nausea, ”Junior stammered in his Instagram stories.

According to what it reveals Junior had to make a last minute weight cut. The fight was set at 182 pounds, and Chavez arrived in 184, for which he had to pay a penalty of $ 100,000 to Anderson Silva.

“I’ve been like this for three days, with limp legs and nausea,” exclaimed the Son of Legend. “Three days wanting to vomit. I think it’s because of the dehydrated one. It was like three or four hours, in which I lost three and a half kilos ”.

July ensures that this last-minute effort to make weight diminished him in the ring.

“From there, I didn’t want to vomit. I swear I thought I was going to die ”, he explains Junior

. “After the third round, I couldn’t get air. It was because of that (the defeat). I swear they didn’t realize it, but I felt really bad after the third round, ”continued the Sinaloan.

“I broke down,” said the defeated. “That was noticeable, then. In the first three rounds, he was very good. And then I couldn’t catch air anymore, it was as if they covered my mouth and nose. I was drowning. The fight was lost because of the blows he threw ”.

Chávez Jr recognized the benefits of Anderson Silva

After the storm of excuses, Julio César Chávez Jr. spoke wonders of Anderson Silva, his last executioner.

“I am not sad, because I have won the decision. He is a good athlete, he is a good person. To be a (fighter of) valetodo, he did deserve to be given the fight, although I don’t think he won it. My respects, but he was lucky ”, he sentenced Junior.