Is it so? Stephen Thompson and strong advice to Conor McGregor

Stephen Thompson.

In these hours, Stephen Thompson was forceful against Conor mcgregor and it went viral. The extraordinary fighter of UFC left clear advice for the former Lightweight champion, who will face off against Dustin Poirier in a historical trilogy. Being that way, in dialogue with Submission Radio, the kickboxing and karate specialist expressed his point of view on that contest.

At the beginning, Thompson He said: ‘I think the person who has to do the most wrestling changes is definitely Conor. I mean, Dustin Poirier He has been fighting the same way for the longest time. He has great boxing, good timing, he’s tough as nails, he likes to sit in his pocket, and he’s smart. I think he (Conor) lost something in his last fight. I think it was all the boxing he was doing.

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“It no longer has that movement you normally see. Like when he fought with José Aldo, it was the movement that won him that fight. And he was standing in front of Dustin Poirier, and he took a lot of low kicks, and that’s what he settled, sealed the deal. So he has to get back to moving like a karate boy. He has to get back on his bike, use that move in and out, switch sides, “he said.

Wise advice

In the same line, Stephen He commented, ‘Play that game if you’re going to come out and beat it again. Because it can lengthen the strokes of Dustin Poirier with your movement. And he, being a good counter puncher, can counter that. So out of the two, Conor has to get back to that. So I don’t know how difficult that is and how long he’s been doing boxing stuff, but he has to get out of it and get back into his movement. If you can do that, Conor You can win”.

«For a lifelong martial artist like Conor mcgregor, I think it should be pretty easy for him. I think you can get back to that pretty easily. And as long as he has been doing it directly after the fight. After his last fight, he should have gone back to the gym and started working on it. I mean, he knew then that they were going to have a rematch. So, I don’t think it should be that difficult for him, “he closed Stephen Thompson.

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