Maverick Viñales joins the criticism of Yamaha: “It’s a Shame”

Maverick Viñales

This weekend was an ordeal for Maverick Viñales. The Spaniard wanted to fight for the title at the beginning of the year, but with the running of the tests, the Yamaha of the official team was falling in performance. After starting with victory, Viñales could not find the rhythm and this weekend he exploded with anger after seeing that his teammate, with the same motorcycle, leads the championship: “It is a shame”.

The German Grand Prix did not look good at all and it did not improve for Viñales. He started in the last row and finished in the penultimate place, crawling on the track. He is not the first Yamaha rider to show his disagreement with the team and the bike. Valentino rossi Y Franco Morbidelli do not show good results, except Fabio Quartararo, which does not stop adding podiums and victories.

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The difference with Quartararo is abysmal. French is the great dominator of MotoGP this year. Poles, podiums and victories make it comfortable to lead the driver classifier. That is why the Spanish got fed up. He put a limit and exploded before the press. “It has been a disaster, a disgrace. I was about to go to the box”Confirmed Viñales, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca.


However, the Spaniard assured that he still cannot find answers to his rhythm, and above all, Yamaha does not give a reason. “It is not known. It’s a constant ‘I don’t know’. I dont know I dont know i dont know. I try, really. I have tried to go outside, inside, accelerating, not accelerating. But that’s another story, we already know that overtaking is difficult with our bike. It’s what really frustrates me the most, ”he said.

With increasing fury, Viñales pointed out that the brand asked him to take his partner’s motorcycle, something that he classifies as “lack of respect.” “Yamaha tells me to work, to go out and find data. I did not come to be a tester. At the end there comes a moment that, as a pilot, you say that it seems to be disrespectful. The easy way is to go out with Fabio’s setup and see how far I go, but that’s not the solution. If I really want to win I have to do it with my setup ”, he said.

Source: MotoGP official Twitter

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