Relationship Heats Up: Israel Adesanya Strongly Responded to Robert Whittaker

Israel Adesanya.

The possible new cross between Israel Adesanya Y Robert Whittaker it’s hotter than ever. Both would have their revenge in a short time, after the champion beat Marvin Vettori in five rounds, in the star of UFC 263. Now, the next step would be the duel between oceanic, New Zealand against Australia. What leaves no doubt is that it will surely be a true show.

In the first contest between them, Israel Adesanya he knocked out the Australian in a big way. After a good exchange of blows in the center of the octagon, the African entered with a left that sent Whittaker back, then finished with the grand and pound. In that sense, Robert He seeks revenge for that, while the champion wants to reaffirm himself.

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Word exchange

Being that way, Whittaker He told the Daily Telegraph hours ago: ‘Looking at that fight against Vettori, you can see that Adesanya it is not untouchable. It reinforced the fact that he is very human. Very palpable. In fact, I thought his acting was normal. It’s not normal in the context of being mean, but he never did anything other than what he had to do. He didn’t do anything flashy.

“He didn’t do anything more than was necessary, which is a good approach. But it certainly doesn’t put you in the realm of the gods. He is definitely not a God. He is a very good fighter, of course, but he is not as good as he thinks, “added the Australian, who wants to knock out the Middleweight champion. Anyway, he tried the same thing the first time and ended up being terminated.

As it was expected, Adesanya he was not silent. The king of the division took advantage of the words of his possible next rival to respond to him on his personal Instagram account. Therefore, analyzing what may come, Israel He commented, “If ‘I’m not as good as I think I am,’ then what does that make you? I may not be a god to you, but I baptized you.

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