Targeted him: Belal Muhammad smashed Colby Covington for title shot

Belal Muhammad.

Belal Muhammad is not satisfied with what is coming and seeks to intimidate Colby covington. In dialogue with MMA Fighting, he was forceful against possible title challenger Kamaru Usman. Likewise, he also made it clear that he does not have a good relationship with the American, so that name is the first for him on the list. However, you will have to wait to find out.

Starting with his words, Muhammad commented: ‘I still don’t understand why Colby he’s having the title fight. Yes, it was a great fight, but your jaw was broken and you’ve been on the sidelines since that fight. Usman fought three times since that fight, and you just stayed out. It’s not like you’re a big pay-per-view giveaway, it’s not really. “

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It’s not like I’m Usman, I say, ‘Yeah, let me have that fight ColbyI’m going to get 800,000 pay-per-view. ‘ The former made 200,000 pay-per-view, so it’s not like you’re going to make a big payday out of that, regardless. I love Colby more than anyone. The hatred I have for that guy is above Leon, “the fighter extraordinary also explained.

As if that were not enough, Belal he went further and remarked: “Of course I want Leon back just because of the way he ended up, but Colby is still a notch above him. It will be a fun showdown to see what happens if Colby He can’t get a takedown, what is he going to do? Now, the doubt is to know who will be her next man on the list, something that will soon come to light.

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The point of this is to get paid. So why not take this fight if I’m such an easy fight, easy payday? For him, the worst thing that could have happened to him was the way the whole Nate Diaz fight happened. If he went in there, pulled out a (Jorge) Masvidal, killed him, murdered him, then Dana White has to give him the title fight. But you went out, you played a little safe, you dominated it, “he said. Belal Muhammad.

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