The process in the 76ers must come to a conclusion

The process in the 76ers must come to a conclusion

The Sixers’ loss to the Hawks has put all eyes on Ben Simmons and his shortcomings, which were already evident

In one of the most disappointing defeats of the season the Philadelphia 76ers they fell in seven games to some surprising and feisty Atlanta Hawks.

“The process” it does not quite work and despite the fact that on paper it would have all the necessary pieces, on the plank the results do not reach the desired point.

The Sixers were the third-best team in the league and the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference with 49 wins and 23 losses in the regular season. For many it was the team to beat, despite the additions that the Brooklyn Nets had, already eliminated, in the regular season.

But after another disappointing postseason, all guns point to the figure of Ben simmons, like that piece that doesn’t quite fit or that your tools don’t fit what the team wants.

Joel embiid he was a leading MVP candidate in the regular season and in the series against Atlanta he averaged 30.4 points per game, 12.7 rebounds and 3.9 assists despite knee problems.

In the case of Simmons, he had his lowest scoring average of his career (either in the postseason or regular season) with just 11.9 points per game. The problem was not his effectiveness as he scored more than 60% from the field this postseason, but his attempts at the basket dropped considerably.

After the series was tied after the fourth game Ben simmons he scored 11 points with just 10 attempts at the basket, and in an attempt at self-evaluation the Sixers point guard declared that he had to be more aggressive.

But nothing changed and his scoring figures in the next three games were 8, 6 and 5 points. 19 points in total from three games!

Doc RiversPerhaps as a show of support, he stated that the 76ers have a plan to help Simmons this offseason, but the issue hasn’t just been Simmons. Rivers’ record in games to close a series is not very promising.

He has lost three series in which he has had a 3-1 advantage, two with a 3-2 advantage, one with a 2-0 advantage and has lost 5 games 7 playing at home, including one in the bubble.

But it all comes back to Ben Simmons and his reluctance to appear in big games. He has the conditions to defend all five positions and when he wishes he can be a beast attacking the rim, but at the moment this is not enough for the Philadelphia 76ers to achieve the desired objectives. In addition, everything seen on the court makes Simmons, a 6-foot-10-inch point guard, a not-so-appealing chip instead, ironically. It should be the opposite.

“The process” He does not quite convince and is demanding too much from Joel Embiid and at some point this can take its toll on his physique. It is time for “The Process” to come to an end and there are changes in Philadelphia.

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