UEFA rejects Munich stadium lighting up with rainbows

UEFA rejects Munich stadium lighting up with rainbows

The European body assured it understands the proposal, but did not approve it due to its political context.

The UEFA rejected the city council’s request for Munich to illuminate your stadium with the colors of the rainbow flag in the last game of the group stage of the Euro 2020 they will face Germany and Hungary on Wednesday.

The governing body of European football said in a statement on Tuesday that understand the intention what’s behind the proposal, but “must reject this request “, due to its political context, “a message pointing to a decision made by the national parliament of Hungary“.

The request of the mayor of the city, Dieter Reiter, on behalf of the local government, made it clear that he wanted to protest against a law passed by Hungarian lawmakers last week that prohibits sharing with minors any content that addresses homosexuality or sex reassignment. Human rights groups described the norm as discriminatory to the LGBT community.

The Foreign Minister of HungaryPéter Szijjártó criticized the German plan on Monday.

“On Hungary we have passed a law to protect Hungarian children, and now Western Europe is complaining about it, “said Szijjártó in Luxembourg.”They want to express it by including politics at a sporting event, which has nothing to do with the approval of national laws. “

The UEFA noted that he believes that “Discrimination can only be fought in close collaboration with others“and proposed that Munich light up the stadium with the colors of the rainbow flag representing the collective on June 28, by the Pride Day in Berlin, or between July 3 and 9, when it is celebrated in the city.

The agency noted that these dates “are better aligned with existing events.”

The spokesman for the German soccer federation, Jens Grittner, had suggested on Monday that it might be an option to do so in the days following the visit of Hungary. Munich will host a match of Quarter finals of the Euro 2020 On July 2.

But the delayed action undermines the city’s protest over what it calls “homophobic and transphobic legislation of the Hungarian government.”

Last week, the National Assembly of Hungary passed the law that vetoes the sharing of LGBT content with minors by 157 votes in favor and one against, when an independent legislator voted against and the opposition boycotted the session in protest.

“This legislation represents a new mark in the invisibility and disenfranchisement of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersex (LGBTI), and adds to the systematic restriction of the rule of law and fundamental freedoms that is being carried out. out in Hungary for years, “said the city council of Munich at his request, he was endorsed by all politicians.

The UEFA He said he understood the intention of the local government to send a message to promote diversity and inclusion, but stressed that it is a “neutral organization in politics and religion“.

Michael Roth, German minister for Europe, said the body’s decision was “bitter, but expected”, and asked fans to come to the stands to show their colors.

Be an example of diversity and solidarity with the LGBTI community on Hungary and throughout Europe! LGBTI rights are human rights! “Wrote Roth in Twitter.

The Governor of Bavaria, Markus Söder, also regretted the decision of the UEFA noting that “it would have been a very good sign of tolerance and freedom. We have to fight against exclusion and discrimination“, Söder said in a message on the same social network.

There are plans for other stadiums where the Euro 2020 light up with the colors of the Rainbow during Wednesday’s game.

“Yes to Munich It is not allowed on Wednesday, so other stadiums in the country will have to show their colors. Come on, Bundesliga colleagues, “Eintracht Frankfurt’s board of directors spokesman Axel Hellmann said in Twitter.

Cologne confirmed Tuesday morning that its stadium will participate “at the initiative of various groups of civil society”.

On Sunday, the UEFA allowed the goalkeeper of the Germany selection, Manuel Neuer, keep wearing a captain’s armband with the rainbow flag during the continent’s top national team tournament.

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