Admiration: Great sports figures congratulated Marc Márquez after winning the German GP

Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez won again in MotoGP after his severe injury to his right shoulder, which left him out for several months. This generated the emotion of all the fans of the Spanish and especially of his rivals, who once again saw one of the best drivers in all history, at his best. Several figures in the paddock expressed their admiration for Márquez after winning the German GP, ​​something he hopes to repeat this season.

Champions, rivals and even leaders expressed their enormous congratulations to Márquez, who could not contain his tears. It is that the figure of the Spanish pilot (like that of Valentino rossi), moves millions and millions of fans around the world. This generates exposure and attracts more and more fans to the top category of motorcycling. On the other hand, Márquez is also respected in sports such as soccer or basketball.

Marc Márquez’s confession after winning again in MotoGP: «I was afraid»


Jorge Lorenzo He is one of the most important MotoGP legends. With five world titles on his back and already retired, Lorenzo continues to do his analysis on social networks. Marquez’s victory made the Spaniard write him a nice message. “Marc Márquez returned, the best returned. I cannot imagine how much you have suffered this year and a half but you have never given up, as you do in every race. You deserve it more than ever champion! “, Lorenzo wrote.


Several riders on the current grid also collapsed in the face of Márquez’s emotion and talent. Fabio Quartararo, current leader of the championship, assured that “It is very hard to come back after almost a year of inactivity. I really take off my hat. He is very old and I would like to congratulate him again ”, said the Frenchman before the microphones of a Spanish medium.

Puyol and Sainz

Carles Puyol, a well-known sports fan, wrote a message for Márquez on his social networks. The former soccer player wrote the pilot’s name and filled it with praise emoticons. The one of Repsol Honda He did not hesitate to thank his compatriot for his gesture. On the other hand, Carlos Sainz He also left a message: “Nice to see you win again. Much encouragement already for the next one ”, wrote the Madrilenian.

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