Are you crazy? Without fully recovering, Chris Weidman returns to the gym

Chris Weidman.

Chris Weidman returned to shake the fans of UFC in these hours, giving a news that sounded strong. The historic Mixed Martial Arts fighter broke his leg a few weeks ago, in the first kick of his fight with Uriah Hall. After the worst image of the year, he can already walk on his own and, not satisfied with that, he went to the gym to spar. In dialogue with MMA Fighting, he left interesting phrases.

At first, Weidman He commented: «I woke up on Thursday and I feel good today, I’m going to the gym. I thought I was going to go to the gym, work out, maybe hit the bag for a minute or two, lie down, lift my leg, but just be happy to be in the gym, see the guys, and smell the dirty mats again, that I love. That’s all I can do and stay positive.

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“So I got there and there are a couple of guys that I train with who were training and doing kickboxing and I thought that bag was not that fun, so I said, ‘Come here.’ We started doing some exercises, we started sparring. I did a full workout, like a circuit with push-ups and abs work. I probably did it for about an hour and was on my feet the whole time, which is crazy, “he said.

He wants to return

On the other hand, Chris He said: “I think I’m getting better and better. My fibula bone is still completely broken. It is displaced. The goal is for you to start getting closer and closer and getting better. So my tibia bone is completely fractured so I rely on that rod going through the middle to deal with the weight bearing. There is a butterfly fracture that is fragmented and causes inflammation.

It’s annoying. You may hopefully not, but you might have to have quick surgery to remove that if it doesn’t heal with the tibia bone. It really is about me and what I can tolerate. I’m really trying to push it. I am trying to get back to normal quickly. I’m trying to control everything that I can control on my own, “he concluded. Chris Weidman.

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