“Correct the world”: Michael Page says Tyron Woodley will knock out Jake Paul

Michael Page.

Michael Page, star of Bellator, was forceful and gave his opinion on the next viral crossover. In a few weeks, Jake paul Y Tyron woodley they will cross each other in a boxing ring. In that sense, the experienced mixed martial artist spoke with MMA Fighting and made it clear what he thinks about it. For this reason, he supported his colleague and assured that «will correct the world»When I knock him out.

Starting, Page dictated: «Tyron woodleyIf all goes to plan, I should put Jake to sleep quickly. Paul you will feel the difference between someone who has been in the game for a long time. That is experienced in hit terms, whereas the discussion with Ben Askren earlier, someone who had not just retired, is long gone and his strength was never his standup anyway. “

Is it stolen from Bellator? Michael Page, the figure who dreams of fighting in the UFC

I saw it going that way. This fight is very different. I see to Tyron woodley going in and correcting the world, because I feel like there is a crazy shift right now with what is happening. But Tyron Woodley will be the one to correct that, “he also said. Michael Page, who clearly supports the former UFC champion for this crossover. However, he also knows that it will not be easy at all.

What’s coming

Weeks ago, it was confirmed that Jake paul He will fight a UFC star again. Undoubtedly, the news moved quickly on social networks, taking into account that it is the former champion: Tyron woodley. The latter will make his debut in the boxing ring, although he would clearly pose a greater threat to the young fighter and influencer.

The extraordinary mixed martial artist, who held the belt of the leading MMA company, will have to crash in his first boxing match against Jake paul, youtuber and well-known boxer who knocked out Ben Askren. This one is coming off a huge first-round win, so he’s clearly looking to continue to tear apart the historic stars of the UFC. Now, the time of truth will be Saturday, August 28.

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