Exploded! Sean Strickland broke the silence after a viral and violent video in the gym

Sean Strickland.

Days ago, Sean Strickland, recognized fighter of UFC, went viral on social networks for something unprecedented. Training with another guy in the Octagon, everything went overboard and they almost ended up hitting them without regulation. At the time they were in the clinch, his rival practiced a forceful movement on his arm, generating his immediate reaction for the pain it caused him.

The first response of Strickland It was, “Hey guys, running with your mouth, if you saw me in person and came and told me that shit, I would punch you in the fucking face.” And let’s say you’re not cool like Orlando, let’s say you’re an idiot, and you get mad and put your hands up, not like Orlando, I’d keep punching you in the fucking face. I am a cage fighter. This is what I do”.

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I like to hurt people. Don’t be surprised by what I did. Surprise yourself. In fact, if you want to talk with your damn mouth, not on the internet, you should reach out to me, do it in person, and bring your damn kids. So after I hit you in the mouth, they can see me hit their damn cowardly father, and maybe they can learn a lesson and not be a bitch like you, “he also expressed.

On the other hand, when many criticized him for his attitude in the gym, Sean He stressed: “Stay away from the Internet. Stop opening your damn mouth. Without a doubt, the attitude of the fighter from UFC who she was sparring with was strongly questioned. Anyway, he remains in his own defense, understanding that what the other subject did with his arm in the octagon was wrong.

His last fight

Sean Strickland (23-3 MMA, 10-3 UFC) emerged victorious at UFC Vegas 25, but it clearly wasn’t quite what he expected. Although he won against Krzysztof Jotko (22-5 MMA, 9-5 UFC), he understands that it was not the way he had planned in the previous one. It was precisely for this reason that, when he spoke with the press after the event, he was very self-critical and did not tolerate his own actions within the Nevada Octagon.

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