With everything! Colby Covington dismissed Stephen Thompson for wanting the title

Colby Covington.

Stephen Thompson asked to fight for the title, causing mockery and immediate anger from Colby covington. Both are experienced in the field and know that the Welterweight belt has an almost indomitable owner: Kamaru usman. Therefore, they try to convince Dana White that they are next on the list, to have the stroke of luck that ends the Nigerian. But, the thing is that it burns.

With MMA Fighting, Thompson He said, “Fight someone you haven’t fought with yet. You beat almost everyone except me in the top five. That’s. Of course you have Michael Chiesa, who is number 6, he hasn’t fought Michael Chiesa either. But keep moving down the line. You hit everyone up here, who’s next? It’s this guy. Go Usman! Fight someone you haven’t fought with yet.

Is it so? Stephen Thompson and strong advice to Conor McGregor

The guy is a joke. He thinks he’s fine with his karate. He is not a complete fighter and he does not deserve anything. He has already had his chances for the title. He doesn’t deserve anything. Honestly, you should probably back out. The thing is, ‘The Karate Kid’, which is a joke, he still calls himself a boy, the guy is a 40-year-old virgin man, “he replied. Covington in What the Heck.

Got upset

In addition, Colby He stated: “He drives children in a karate truck and wants to call himself a boy. No, you are a jerk, you are almost a grandfather now. You can see gray hair coming out of the side of your head. If anything, that guy needs to stop complaining, man. Has he had, what, two or three chances for the title? He has had more title chances than anyone in this division. Woodley destroyed it.

«He fell, bloody. Man, the guy is a bum. I don’t know why he’s trying to talk like he deserves a title shot. Anthony Pettis knocked you out like a year or two ago. A lightweight, a guy who isn’t even signed by the UFC anymore. You’re on a two-fight winning streak. In your last fight, you defeated a busboy from Outback Steakhouse. Think about that for a second, “he concluded. Colby covington.

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