Nonito Donaire’s wife enters into controversial tweet with John Riel Casimero for anti-doping tests

John Riel Casimero y Nonito Donaire

Rachel Donaire accuses John Riel Casimero of not wanting to submit to the anti-doping tests of VADA prior to his unification bout before Nonito Donaire.

Casimero he said he would do the exam VADA if they paid for it. I am paying for the exam of both fighters ”, he posted Rachel in your account Twitter. “Now he says that he prefers tests to be done with the style Olympic. When I insisted, now it turns out that he does not have the ways to VADA. I sent him the link. Now he will say that he does not have internet ”.

The response of the couple and representative of Nonito came after Casimero say in your account Twitter that there was fear of Grace to submit to a random anti-doping test, rather than drug testing VADA.

VADA is the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency who is in charge of examining the fighters. In the contract that the fighters sign for a fight they can stipulate that they want to submit to the anti-doping tests of said agency. On multiple occasions, the existence of the test is a condition for the fighters to sign the contract or not.

“If you are afraid to fight, you can refuse, do we do the Olympic-style drug test?” He questioned. “VADA speak what you want as long as you don’t run on August 14 ”.

Equally Rachel made her annoyance clear after she assured they covered the costs so that Casimero the tests will be carried out.

“I said that I will pay for the tests (VADA) 100%, ”he tweeted Rachel Donaire. “Now he says he wants Olympic-style events. And then he says he doesn’t have the forms even though I sent him the link. “

Is the unifying fight between Nonito and Casimero in danger?

Both parties seem to be in opposite positions, filling Twitter of complaints and attacks on each other prior to a fight that can dictate the future of both champions at bantamweight.

The fight is scheduled for August 14

on Carson, California and will put into play the unification of the belts of the CMB Y OMB. The belt of the CMB is held by Nonito, while that of the OMB has it Casimero.

The winner is expected to face the Japanese Naoya inoue, monarch of the AMB and the FIB, before the end of the year to unify the four scepters.

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