Armando Hernández and how Julio César Chávez went to support himself in his farewell

Armando Hernández y cómo Julio César Chávez fue a apoyarse a si mismo en su despedida

In his last exhibition fight, Julio Cesar Chavez led the actor as reinforcement Armando Hernandez, who played him in the series ‘The cesar’ in 2017, to give him encouragement.

“I am with Julion Alvarez and with Julio Cesar Chavez (Armando Hernandez) ”, Is what the great Mexican champion says in the video, while Armando He was doing one of his classic imitations.

In the same way, the actor thanked the boxer’s gesture for having invited him to this important function.

“Thanks Julio, sharing this goodbye with you is one of the greatest gifts I have ever had! You are and will be forever “THE GREAT MEXICAN CHAMPION”, he wrote Hernandez.

It should be remembered that the series of ‘The cesar’ It was based on the life of the boxer, it lasted 26 chapters, it was first released by Space in 2017 and a year later on open television by TV Azteca.

Julio César Chávez and the time he was upset by his imitation

Armando He said that he had to do his best to interpret Julius Caesar, because the boxer was aware of the series and did not want to disappoint him. And in an interview he recounted when the great Mexican champion reproached him for exaggerating when he spoke in the series.

“Julio comes in, everyone is quiet, (sits) next to me and says’ how is everything? ‘, And I’ fine ‘, (he says)’ look, what happens is that the other time I was seeing you on the scene and you speak very harshly, very exaggerated, I did not speak like that, ‘I said:’ JulyThat’s how you talk, ‘and he says’ no, you’re very angry and I don’t like it, I don’t want you to do it like that,’ said the actor, imitating the former boxer’s voice timbre.

Then Armando decided to make a demonstration before those present, so that they could see that he was doing it exactly like him.

“Hey, what are you laughing at, assholes, little bit like that … Damn mother, keep doing like that then,” Chávez said then.

Armando Hernández in his interpretation of Julio César Chávez.

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