Crushing pole for Max Verstappen at the Formula 1 Styrian Grand Prix

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Max verstappen begins to put its rhythm in the Formula 1. The Dutch driver is not only the best driver on the grid this season, but he continues to win the arm wrestling against Lewis hamilton In race. This Saturday, he was left with a new pole, in the Styrian Grand Prix, The home of Red bull. The Brit left much to be desired in today’s timed event.

Verstappen has a chance to win a victory that could be instrumental for the championship. With a time of 1m03s841, Max Verstappen took the best time of the Weekend, setting a record on the Austrian track. However, he will have Lewis Hamilton behind, who although he was third, long in second position.

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The Briton was not fine during qualifying and on his last attempt at the fastest lap he made mistakes that cost him pole position. However, he was benefited by his teammate. Valtteri Bottas He finished in second place, but the penalty he received this Friday due to his spin in the pit lane will start fifth.

Who will be in third position in tomorrow’s start will be Lando norris. The Briton continues with the best performances of his career, and will be looking to score points for the eighth time in a row, being the only one to achieve this this year. The top speed of the Mclaren is fundamental in this circuit, and both Norris and Daniel Ricciardo they will be protagonists.

In fourth position, Czech Pérez It will be the card that Red Bull will have to fight for a double podium. The Mexican could improve after the bad day of Friday that he had in training. However, he was able to place fifth, but Bottas’ sanction will make him go one place ahead.

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