Near the end of the third free practice session of the Netherlands Grand Prix from Moto3 there was one of the most spectacular accidents of the year. Several weeks after the death of Jason Dupasquier, The youngest of the categories of the Motorcycle World Championship experienced great concern with a crash that involved the category leader, Pedro Acosta.

The scare that invaded the circuit Assen still not gone. At the entrance to the main straight of the track, Acosta crashed after having a jolt on his motorcycle. Yet behind him came Riccardo Rossi, that he couldn’t dodge it. This brought to mind the fatal accident a few weeks ago, in which Dupasquier lost his life.

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The pilot of KTM was lucky. Not only was he miraculously saved, but he got up off the ground as if nothing had happened. Several fans of the category assured that the sports commissioners were wrong to allow Acosta to continue accelerating, despite the fact that the lap they were giving was not valid since he received the checkered flag.

Although there were no serious injuries, Acosta was transferred to a hospital near the Assen circuit since minutes after the crash he began to have severe pain in his chest. Due to this, he was not allowed to run in qualifying and his presence in tomorrow’s race, in which he would start from last position, has not yet been made official.

A few weeks ago, Valentino Rossi had expressed his concern about the number of accidents that were taking place in the minor category. “I’m scared to watch Moto3 races, they are too dangerous,” said the Italian idol after the fateful death of the Swiss Jason Dupasquier, at the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello.

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