“Today we failed at the stop”: Sergio Pérez’s claim to Red Bull at the Styrian GP

Sergio Pérez

The Formula 1 He raced again this weekend and the victory, like the last time, went to the current tournament leader. Max verstappen. In addition to the triumph of the Belgian nationalized Dutch, Red bull was all the rage at the Styrian Grand Prix for the problems he had with his teammate, Sergio perez.

The Mexican driver entered the pits on lap 27 of the race in Austria. At that time, a jam in the left rear wheel led to his departure delay. It was 4.8 seconds that it cost him not to be able to go to the podium. However, the pilot declared after the race: “We are a very united team! We always win and lose together… Today we failed at the stop, but we will come back stronger in 7 days! “.

Checo Pérez is noted as a candidate for the Formula 1 title: “There is still a long way to go”

The word of the team leader

Christian Horner was one of the authorized voices of the team that came out to apologize after the incident. Through the radio with the pilot, he expressed: “Sorry about that pit stop, good work for the rest”. However, he did not want to be oblivious to the problem in the pits: “The whole team is working extremely well at the moment. The only setback we had in this race was Checo’s pit stop “.

Sergio Pérez also had the backing of Helmut Marko, one of Red Bull’s top advisers. In this regard, he praised the pilot’s work: “Checo lost the podium for us. I am very happy with it. It was our fault at the pit stop. He’s improving, even in qualifying ”. To close, he also stated that he is about to close his renewal with the team.

The Czech Championship

The Mexican is at a great level and he makes it known in the standings. It is in the third position of the table with 96 points. It is the product of a victory and two podiums in total. His teammate is away with 156 points after four victories, followed by England’s Lewis Hamilton with 138 points. In fourth place is Lando Norris with 86 and Valtteri Bottas closes the top 5 with 74.

Source: Sergio Pérez

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