Better impossible: the gigantic fight that Renato Moicano wants in the UFC

Renato Moicano.

Following an impressive completion in the UFC Vegas 30, Renato moicano goes for much more in the company. The Brazilian was able to keep one of the best images of the weekend, with a spectacular submission. Therefore, in a press conference after the event, the South American expressed two important names as possible new rivals for an upcoming war.

Starting with his sayings, Moicano He commented: “We specifically trained to knock him down and grab his back. He was planning to do this, but what he hoped was to finish him off in the first round. I watched all his fights and he always turned his back. I think he knew what he was going to do, so he kept avoiding turning his back on me. But in the second round, he was strong on the ground and the pound.

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“He turned his back on me and I choked on my bare bottom. For me, in the running game, you have to be patient. It’s more about control. Control your opponent, do not waste energy and enter at the right time. And that’s what I did. I am very happy to have been patient in this fight, “said the Brazilian, who seeks to be among the best in the division.

Is very firm

In that sense, Renato He also reported, “I felt like I had to come out strong and get a submission or a finish. That’s what I trained for and that’s what I did, fortunately. I was so happy that she tapped. I don’t even know how to explain it, what it’s like to win a fight. For me, it is the best feeling in the world and I will feel that way in a week. I’m really happy”.

“My next fight will be against a top 15 (opponent), for sure. I keep asking UFC for the best. I want the best names they can give me, and that’s what I’m looking for: guys like Islam Makhachev, (Gregor) Gillespie, all those guys. The best fighter, the best striker, is even better for me. I want to fight with the best », closed Renato moicano, dreaming of leading the UFC.

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