Croatia vs. Spain – Match Report – June 28, 2021

Croatia vs.  Spain - Match Report - June 28, 2021

COPENHAGE (EFE) – Two goals scored by Álvaro Morata and Mikel Oyarzabal in extra time allowed a superior Spain to defeat Croatia in a crazy game and sign the pass to the quarterfinals of the European Championship, where the winner of France awaits on Friday -Swiss.

The meeting had everything. A resounding error by Unai Simón, who screwed up on a loan from Pedri, a comeback with Spain’s authority, tied in Croatia’s discount to go to an open overtime in which Luis Enrique’s team ended up imposing its highest quality.

Spain, which has not passed the last 16 of a final phase since 2012, now awaits a rival to continue dreaming in Saint Petersburg.

Luis Enrique’s team was superior for most of the game. And it was only in the minutes after 1-0 and in the final stretch of regulation time that doubts entered him.

With two changes in the starting eleven, Gayá for Jordi Alba and Ferrán for Gerard Moreno, Spain came out monopolizing the ball against a very defensive Croatia that barely left their area.

Koke, after a great pass from Pedri, missed a heads up with Livakovic. And Morata headed off a great cross from Ferran.

When the Spanish so much was smelled, the rude error of Unai Simón arrived, who did not even get to touch the ball. Spain was out of place for a few minutes. Kovacic finished off a dangerous finish high.

The Spanish team was rebuilt little by little. Livakovic saved the tie with a great hand-in-hand from Gayá, but could not do anything with Sarabia’s rejection.

Croatia raised lines in the second half and paid it. Pedri let go. Ferran and Sarabia began to face each other in an advantageous position. Thus came Azpilicueta’s 1-2, who started the play with a great start, passed to Pedri, this to Ferran, and his center was hit by the Chelsea player.

The Croats pushed but without much conviction. Ferran seemed to sentence the match 13 minutes from time.

Orsic’s goal narrowed the result and encouraged the game, although Spain was not in real trouble. Until Pasalic appeared at the discount, alone, to shoot Unai Simón head-on.

In extra time, Croatia believed it. Unai pulled out a great hand from Kramaric’s point-blank shot. Dani Olmo touched the goal.

The Leipzig player, with a past in Croatian football, retaliated with two assists in four minutes to Morata and Oyarzabal who sentenced the result. Budimir was able to add more emotion, but his shot came close to the post.

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